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23.04.2020 NEW PRODUCT : Automotive/industry 2x/4x RS232 USB adapter with 9-48VDC input

This 2-/4-port industrial RS232 to USB 2.0 adapter with 15KV ESD protection extends your system by 2x/4x RS232 connections to a USB connection. The maximum data transfer rate is 921.6Kb/s and the hub is downward compatible with the USB 2.0 and 1.1 standard. The hub comes with built-in 15KVDC ESD and surge protection. The hub can be mounted on the wall and on DIN rails. The current input range extends from 9-48VCDC.

CTF2XRS232USB (Automotive/Industry 2-port RS232 USB adapter, FT4232HL, 9-48VDC)
CTF4XRS232USB (Automotive/Industry 4-port RS232 USB adapter, FT4232HL, 9-48VDC)