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23.01.2020 NEW PRODUCT : Integration Micro-USB/Mini-USB/USB-C charger/converter 12/24V

This adapter/converter/charger can connect to any USB device with Micro-USB, Mini-USB or USB-C socket. The adapter can be connected directly to 12V car or 24V truck batteries (input range 10-28V).

Integration Micro-USB charger/converter 12/24V (10-28V to 5V, max. 15W, 3m)
Integration Mini-USB charger/converter 12/24V (10-28V to 5V, max. 15W, 3m)
Integration USB-C charger/converter 12/24V (10-28V to 5V, max. 15W, 3m)

10.01.2020 NEW PRODUCT: VIA AMOS-825 Industrie-/CarPC

Enhance commercial fleet safety and efficiency with the AMOS-825 system Powered by a 1.0GHz NXP i.MX 6Quad Cortex-A9 quad-core SoC, this fanless small form factor system has been specifically designed for demanding compute-intensive fleet management, navigation and infotainment applications. Featuring a 1.0GHz NXP i.MX 6Quad ARM Cortex-A9 quad-core SoC, the VIA AMOS-825 delivers a highly-capable and power-efficient system for compute- and multimedia-intensive in-vehicle infotainment and navigation applications.

With its 3G networking support (provided separately through an optional expansion card) and its rich connectivity, the AMOS-825 can serve as a powerful data collection and control center on the go within vehicles. GPS, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, COM, and HDMI ports make connecting devices very easy. A completely fanless system with a ruggedized design and automotive compatible power options make it into your one-stop solution for in-vehicle applications.

VIA AMOS-825 Industrial-PC/CarPC (1.0GHz i.MX 6Quad Cortex-A9, 9-36VDC, 1GB RAM/16GB eMMC) [FANLESS]