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Shop for mobile PC- and GPS-solutions

Shop for mobile PC- and GPS-solutions

20.07.2022 NEW PRODUCT : AVerMedia Nvidia AI Development systems and more RAM

AVerMedia unveils the D111NO, D111NX and D313AX development systems, advancing the simplicity of AI development.

AVerMedia D111NO Developement System (NVIDIA Nano 4G)
AVerMedia D111NX Developement System (NVIDIA Xavier NX 8G)
AVerMedia D313AX Developement System (AGX Xavier 32G)

The AVerMedia Nvidia BoxPCs now also with 16GB/64GB.

AVerMedia AG411B-64G BoxPC (NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier 64GB)
AVerMedia NX211B-16G BoxPC (NVIDIA Jetson Xavier 16GB)
AVerMedia NX213B-16G BOX PC (NVIDIA Jetson Xavier 16GB / 8x POE)
AVerMedia NX215B-16G BoxPC (NVIDIA Jetson Xavier 16GB)