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Product comments of shurikn

Car-PC CarTFT FM (Automotive USB FM/RDS tuner) CarTFT FM (Automotive USB FM/RDS tuner)
 | 23.05.2011

Car-PC ZOTAC ION ITX P-E (with integrated Intel Celeron 2x 1.2Ghz CPU, WLAN) ZOTAC ION ITX P-E (with integrated Intel Celeron 2x 1.2Ghz CPU, WLAN)
 | 23.05.2011
It is a very powerful motherboard/CPU combination.
Windows 7 is running on a SSD (it helps also) and all is very smooth.
I?ve tested with music and videos and everything goes well.
Moreover the fan of the CPU makes no noise so it is perfect for a mini but powerful CARPC.

 | 20.07.2012
Good for replacement on my CTF-700 SH V2 but it's not the same touchscreen! This one is completely transparent and the original has a anti-glare effect.
The sensitive is very good.

Car-PC Griffin Powermate USB (silver) Griffin Powermate USB (silver)
 | 20.07.2012
It works very wel and is easier to use when you drive than the touchscreen. Completely programmable.
A good buy but I would prefer it in black.
It is quite big.

Car-PC Audio-Noise Filter for car/truck Audio-Noise Filter for car/truck
 | 20.07.2012
It doesn't change a lot for me. Maybe the parasit sound in the car are a little quieter but not by much.
Yesterday I've made again all my wire connections and there is a sound gain. Do that before to buy this.