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Product comments of ronbrin

Car-PC M350 Mini-ITX enclosure M350 Mini-ITX enclosure
 | 25.07.2011
The M350 has a very good build quality and does not have any sharp edges. It is a very small enclosure but still fits my Gigabyte GA-H55N-USB3 Mini-ITX with i3-540 and an SSD. The stock i3 cooler does not fit properly (this may work out fine with another brand main board btw) so replaced that with a AKASA low profile cooler. Cooling is adequate, not great but this enclosure fits inside the glove box which is cooled by the air conditioning.
In my setup there is no room for a PSU and I had to make some modifications to the back of the enclosure to extend the 24-pin ATX power to an external PSU (M4-ATX).

Car-PC M<b>4</b>-ATX 6-30V DC/DC (250 Watt) M4-ATX 6-30V DC/DC (250 Watt)
 | 25.07.2011
This is a great power supply for the more power hungry car pc's. Works as advertised and does so perfectly. PSU is used in conjunction with a Gigabyte GA-H55N-USB3 mini-ITX board and i3-540 CPU. Does not get hot at all so additional cooling is not really needed. However, I am also using the optional enclosure (which already comes with a cooling fan) and installed that anyway.

Car-PC SFX / ATX Enclosure f. M4-ATX SFX / ATX Enclosure f. M4-ATX
 | 25.07.2011
Excellent addition to the PSU. Build quality is good with no sharp edges.
The M4-ATX does not really need the included cooling fan but comes in handy in my setup anyway: PSU is mounted inside the dash board and behind the touch screen. The PSU cooling fan also cools the screen from the back.
Only negatives I can think off: Cooling fan (if used at all) does not come with a connector attached. Soldering an extension wire with connector or directly to the pin header is needed.

Car-PC RAM Tough-Hub (Automotive 6-port USB-Hub, LAN, 12-48VDC) *new* RAM Tough-Hub (Automotive 6-port USB-Hub, LAN, 12-48VDC) *new*
 | 09.08.2011
Very well built device. Best USB hub I have seen or worked with in years. Seems to use two Renesas (NEC) USB chips to control the 6 USB ports (automatically recognized as such). Slow and fast USB devices can be mixed without sacrificing speed. The individual USB ports have an over-current protection. Device is quite small so it can be easily mounted somewhere behind the dash.
Although it is expensive IMO it is worth every penny. Highly recommended.