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Car-PC P4 connector cable (4pol-4pol) P4 connector cable (4pol-4pol)
 | 30.03.2008
NOT 20 cm,.....30 or 40 cm YA

Car-PC CFDISK.1 -- CompactFlash-to-IDE Adapter CFDISK.1 -- CompactFlash-to-IDE Adapter
 | 09.04.2008
tis is gut for trava 137, tank

Update from :2008-04-26 19:59
Salve, tis ist for CLAVA 137 YES or NO?

Update from :2008-04-26 20:02
Salve, tis is gut for travla C137

Update from :2008-04-26 22:04
Salve, tis is gut for ITX case TRAVLA C137

Update from :2008-04-26 22:06
Salve, tis is gut for ITX case TRAVLA C137 oda vas?

Update from :2011-07-24 14:55
Salve, CFDISK.1 -- CompactFlash-to-IDE Adapter OK per Casetronic Travla C137???grazie Pino