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Product comments of michaelelfial

Car-PC CFI A-7879 V2 Mini-ITX enclosure (4x 3.5" NAS, 1x 2.5", Hot-Plug, 1x PCI, 250W) CFI A-7879 V2 Mini-ITX enclosure (4x 3.5" NAS, 1x 2.5", Hot-Plug, 1x PCI, 250W)
 | 22.05.2016
Actually the improvements over the previous version are more than just USB3 and better PSU - now everything can be dismantled - the top has screws (it was riveted in prev. version), the same goes for the HDD cage. This makes the bottom 2.5 inch slot easily accessible and the assembly process is much much easier than before. I have one of the old ones and now I bought two of the new version and I can say - with these improvements this is probably the best NAS/storage server box on sale.

Car-PC Akasa Turing A50 (V2) Encloure (for ASUS PN50 Mainboard) <b>[FANLESS]</b> Akasa Turing A50 (V2) Encloure (for ASUS PN50 Mainboard) [FANLESS]
 | 13.09.2021
I am probably a little bit too picky, I mean the 4 stars, but that's me. The case does its job perfectly - cools PN50 (and I guess PN51 too) quite well. I am using 4 monitors and this puts constant additional strain on the system, still the highest temperatures I've seen were 70 degrees Celsius and this was only for a few seconds in some full load situations. In the original case P50 skyrocketed through 100 degrees even on boot and I had crashes caused by temperatures almost every time I forgot to keep an eye on the load and the temps. So, it is a life saviour! Akasa will not and cannot solve the driver problems of PN50 and there are some, but the heat problem is fully cured. The temps of the two SSD-s I added are also good - the SATA under 40 and the NVMe 45-50. Depending on the model you can expect some differences, but not drastic ones. Why the 4 stars then? Well Akasa added the forgotten ports in V2, but there are some things that can be done better - the spring for the power button does nothing and the only thing it can do is to get lost inside and cause ... a problem. Finding the right leads for the Wifi can be tricky, bunding them with the product will not cause the price to get too high and will save the buyers time (a lot of time in my case). The thermal paste is not enough unless you are a magician. And finally the corners of the box are dangerous - it can be used as weapon, but I believe this is not the idea. All that said. I am happy with the Turing case and I'd recommend it, I'd say even, that it is a "must" for a top end PN-s (4700/4800), but it can be better with a very little effort and I doubt anybody who needs it will get scared of a few more euros if it is perfected.