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Shop for mobile PC- and GPS-solutions

Product comments of Xanderx

 | 01.05.2009
Thank you for the promptness of delivery package number 7159592 but unfortunately, UPS courier, is the whole trouble in the first place, payment in cash is not there, I have attached proof of this mail
order of payment that I made through bank account UPS + I lost the 7 euro believing
in a service that is not actually, and in the second place, the package from Germany
to Romania has made less than 24 hours and do not understand why I had to wait
until monday, that is still 4 days to receive the package from UPS, I had to go after the package up
the airport to raise the package without losing 4 days. Next time I will choose the payment by paypal
directly into your account and courier DHL. Are you fasts, the product is good and functional,
I look forward to working in the future.