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Product comments of H6HdRGusG

Car-PC M300 Enclosure (1x PCI) M300 Enclosure (1x PCI)
 | 22.08.2016
- Very light
- One of the most compact case to allow for a PCI-E card
- Low airflow. The top is completely closed, so the CPU heatsink can't efficiently dissipate, and the top gets pretty hot to touch even with a 35w CPU
- Included is a PCI riser, but nowday that's completely useless. PCI-E riser is not easily find here in europe, and I can't use the 1U or 2U common risers because they are too low for this case.
- Front plastic panel is not only aesthetic, unfortunately. If removed, the metal underneath won't stick to the rest of the case. This means it's a little less tough than I thought

Rating: 3.5 Stars