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Car-PC MHero-L-R Mini-ITX enclosure (1x PCI, Slimline ODD, 84W PSU) MHero-L-R Mini-ITX enclosure (1x PCI, Slimline ODD, 84W PSU)
 | 18.04.2013
This case has a severe design flaw, it's upside down.

If you want to put the case on the table horizontally, you have two choices. One is the "proper" orientation where the motherboard would be at the bottom, and the CPU fan would blow air upwards. In that case, the sliding door will open downwards, towards the desk.

The other option is to flip the case around so the motherboard is at the top, hanging down, and only in that case can you open the sliding door. But now the DVD drive will be upside down, and the ventilation holes will be at the bottom. This is the wrong way to go, but is the only choice if you want to open the sliding door upwards.

This is one idiotic case. Opening the door downwards towards the desk. Was it so hard to do it properly and have it open upwards?