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Product comments of 2p-tech

Car-PC M<b>2</b>-ATX 6-24V DC/DC (160 Watts) M2-ATX 6-24V DC/DC (160 Watts)
 | 12.10.2010
like everytime.. good product!

Car-PC VoomPC-<b>2</b> (perfect for M1-/M2-ATX) [Black Edition] VoomPC-2 (perfect for M1-/M2-ATX) [Black Edition]
 | 12.10.2010
I suggest to write on the box or attach a stick with name of product. If I buy voom2 and voom1 I have to open all the boxes to see the products inside

Update from :2011-04-29 08:58
Sempre solito case che va bene. Sempre un po complicato da chiudere per schede un po' più grandi voluminose. Ventole rumorose purtroppo. Nel complesso ok

Car-PC M350 Mini-ITX enclosure M350 Mini-ITX enclosure
 | 26.11.2010
Nice case with high flexibility. For industrial applications is ok

Car-PC DIN-Rail adapter  f. M350 enclosure DIN-Rail adapter f. M350 enclosure
 | 26.11.2010
There are not screws include to fix them on the case. However good accessory for this case

Transcend IDE Flash Module 4096MB 40pin vertical
 | 26.11.2010
Good product and good price also!

 | 29.04.2011
It's ok. Good product. The last chance to have windows cp installed in the systems

Car-PC M3-ATX 6-24V DC/DC (125 Watt) [picoPSU-format !] M3-ATX 6-24V DC/DC (125 Watt) [picoPSU-format !]
 | 29.04.2011
Good product, like every time for who already know this product

Car-PC M<b>4</b>-ATX 6-30V DC/DC (250 Watt) M4-ATX 6-30V DC/DC (250 Watt)
 | 29.04.2011
Always nice product!!! The best!Except for the dimensions :(

Car-PC Slot plate with 2x USB 2.0 and 2x Firewire connector Slot plate with 2x USB 2.0 and 2x Firewire connector
 | 01.06.2011
Ok, semplice cavo. ok anche il prezzo!

Car-PC Serener GS-L05 (Fanless, for Intel D945GCLF(2)) Serener GS-L05 (Fanless, for Intel D945GCLF(2))
 | 01.06.2011
I see that the solution with Intel D945GCLF2 works fine. We are happy to see that. Maybe the price is little expensive but ok, the system becomes cheaper then other industrial systems.

Car-PC Intel D945GCLF<b>2D</b> (with integrated Atom 2x 1.6Ghz CPU) Intel D945GCLF2D (with integrated Atom 2x 1.6Ghz CPU)
 | 26.11.2010
It is still the one of most requested motherboard. Good Motherboard :)

Update from :2011-06-01 09:13
With GSL05 IT WORKS FINE. Cartft it is the last place where we can find this motherboard i think :)

Update from :2011-08-26 09:03
We bought 2 of theese motherboards. 1 of these didn't work. Luckly we are Intel Partner so we had assistance directly from Intel. Then motherboard is always the same. We are still using that in a special fanless system and it works fine