High performance hook-and-loop tape (15cm) [self-adhesive] -- per 1 Meter from roll -- *new*

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  • Self-adhesive !
  • High quality !
  • High performance !
  • Powerful !

This self-adhesive hook-and-loop tape can resist very strong forces because of its extra-strong hooks on the hard side and the strong interweaved polyamide on the soft side. Even sand or dirt can not affect the cohesion of both sides much. Because of that this tape is a perfect mounting solution for all non-permanent connections.

Because of the especially strong adhesive-film the tape can be used on many surfaces.

Features :
- Excellent coherence effect (even allows mounting "overhead")
- High agglomerating power of both tapes on almost any surface
- Temperature-resistant
- High amount of possible Closing- and Opening-cycles

Application aera:
- Installation/Mounting of Car-PCs
- Installation/Mounting of TFT-Displays
- Installation/Mounting of many devices at home, in industrial field or in automotive environment

Installation notes:
The surface should be clean, dry and free of grease. After placing the tapes you should wait for some minutes, because the glue needs time to develop its full impact. You can bring the tapes into any desired shape by using a cutter.

Scope of supply :
- 100cm x 15cm self-adhesive hook tape
- 100cm x 15cm self-adhesive loop tape
[If you order more units then you get continuous tapes (up to 25 meters max.)]