DC/DC Converter (Cigarette lighter plug 12/24V to 12V 5.5/2.5mm DC, 72W, Autostart-function)

  98.95 EUR
incl. 19% VAT, plus shipping

  • Auto Power On/Off PC !
  • Dual Output !
  • 3 years warranty !
  • Survives motor cranking !

Capable for car(12VDC)
Especially made for Casetronic Travla C13x chassis !
Fits also for Morex 3677/3688 and PW70(A), PW80,...!
Or Intel D945GSEJT or other systems with 5.5/2.5mm DC-connector and 12V input voltage
- 72 Watts Max. Output.
- 1x connector f. cigarette lighter adapter
- 2x output DC12V f. TFT and CarPC
- PC does not reboot on engine start
- CE, E1 ,IP54

With Auto-Start and -Shutdown function !
There is only one cable (1-wired) needed for realizing this function. This cable has to be connected to the PWON-jumper of the mainboard. After you started the engine (battery voltage rises to 13.8V), the computer will receive a signal and boot up. When you turned off the engine (battery voltage 12.0V again), the PC will receive a signal to shutdown. And after additional 45 seconds, the power supply will be turned off hardly.