DCDC-USB (Converter from 6-34V to 5-24V, max. 100 watts)

  79.95 EUR
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  • Intelligent !
  • 4 modes !
  • 6-30V input !
  • 6-24V output !
Support: Manual [EN] | Manual [DE] | Advanced Manual | Windows Software | Windows Software (Source) | Linux Software (Source) | LED Blink Codes

DCDC-USB is a high power intelligent DC-DC converter. This unit accepts any input ranging from 6-34V.
Output is 12V regulated or output can be changed with simple jumper settings to 5V, 6V, 9V, 12V, 13.5V, 18V or 24V or via USB in fine increments (0.25V) anywhere from 6-24V.

- Applications: powering motherboard with single rail power from any voltage to any voltage, laptops, custom electronics. This module can be used to convert any voltage ranging 6-34V to any output from 5-24V.

The DCDC-USB has 4 models of operation:
- Dumb mode: Acts as a regular DC-DC converter with wide input (6-34V) and produces a fixed 12V output (or any output from 6-24V)
- Automotive mode: Acts as an intelligent PSU, ignition aware, will send ON/OFF pulse to the motherboard to turn ON/OFF. Standby power consumption is well under 1mA.
- UPS mode: The unit will act as an intelligent UPS unit, will shut down at prescribed battery voltages.
- Script mode: Unit can be programmed to wake up, sleep, based on pre-programmed scripts.

Additional features of DCDC-USB:
- Remote ON/OFF switch capable of switching up to 6A, 8A peak.
- Can control motherboard ON/OFF pins
- Fused input, TVS protected
- USB mini, type B
- All Solid Polymer Capacitors, SVPD series, Sanyo, Japan.

For DCDC-USB converter there is an optional enclosure available.